Welcome to Sanguine Spa Health and Beauty

Health is the prerequisite of true beauty, for which reason Sanguine Spa Health & Beauty offers a complete range of services that encourage our clients to keep fit, look and feel good. Covering health checks, body therapy, fitness regimes and beauty services, Sanguine Spa Health & Beauty is committed to professionalism and excellence in motivating our clients to keep and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. 



Sanguine Spa offers individually tailored spa therapies to our clients. Our treatments include: exfoliation treatments; steam baths; massage services and waxing treatments. Click here to read more about our Spa services.



Our state-of-the-art gym uses brand new TechnoGym fitness equipment to assist you in improving your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, as well as countless other health benefits. If you want to improve your physical health and fitness, look no further than Sanguine Spa.

nature healing


There is no better way to wellness than to naturally upkeep the body, mind and spirit on a daily basis. Cultivating self-healing habits nurtures the body’s organs and tissues and also works on the mind, emotions and spirit. If disease or illness sets in, you have the power to heal yourself, it is your birth right. We are here to help you in your journey to self-healing.



Here at Sanguine Spa, we offer personal health check services, ranging from weight management checks, blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol observations. We will use our expertise to help you reach and maintain your personal health goals.



The unisex Salon we have here at Sanguine caters for all ages, providing attention to detail for all of our clients. We offer a wide range of salon services covering both men’s and women’s hair styling, specialist hair treatments, pedicure and manicure, and in addition to that, Make-up and Gele Tying Services