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Sanguine Spa Health & Beauty
is well established in providing...

health checks, body therapy, fitness regimes and beauty services. Our foremost desire is to encourage our clients to keep fit, look good and feel good.

In order to provide services tailored for the benefit of our clients, our job begins with a thorough cardiovascular health check with emphasis on blood pressure, cholesterol and weight management. 

Knowing you and ensuring that you know your health status gives us the opportunity of offering you advice and recommendation on how to keep and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to professionalism and excellence in providing the best equipment for health checks and body fitness and we also offer a range of classes, body treatments and hair and nail treatments in a welcoming environment that helps our clients feel motivated. 

our mission

To create an environment that will encourage our customers to...

  relax, recharge, heal and refresh their body, mind and soul with treatments that will naturally help the body to respond and react positively.

Our emphasis is on looking after your body in a manner that will make you feel good, look good and keep fit. And our ethos is to build personal, professional and ethical relationship with our customers.

We are not medically trained and therefore we cannot give medical advice, but we are trained to assess risk of cardiovascular problems (CVD) which helps us to know you and you to know yourself.

You will feel good with the help of our professional consultant and therapist who will find out more about you and your needs and be able to recommend the types of body treatments and products that will help you.

You will look good in the capable hands of our beauticians who will help you with your hair, face and nails with the application of good quality products.

To help you to keep your body fit, our instructors and physical exercise machines are at your disposal. The instructors will guide you on how to use our physical exercise machines for your benefit and give you advice on the use of physical exercise in general.

We at Sanguine believe that your health is your wealth and to be healthy you have to look after your body and by doing so your wealth is assured.

We are delighted that you have read this message and we are looking forward to seeing you at Sanguine.

We are located at 15 Adeleke Street off Tinuade Street, off Allen Avenue Ikeja. Coming from Awolowo Way into Allen take the first right after UBA Bank into Tinuade Street and first left takes you into Adeleke Street, and coming from Opebi, Tinuade Street is opposite First Bank. Sanguine Building is vivid from Allen Avenue by Tinuade Street, A yellow 2 storeys building with our flag in the front.

With your patronage and testimony we will take the benefits all over Nigeria and across the country for others to enjoy.